Some ideas come to you right away and some take more time. The idea of the Hadley pillow came to me right away. The design… not so much. It all started with a desk chair. This desk chair was begging for an accent piece that would not only look good but do good, too. It needed the right pillow for design and for support (because there’s a lot of behind the scenes computer work going on here along with all the knitting and crochet).  

So, with the right size in mind, yarn and a crochet hook, the Hadley pillow started to come together. My favorite part? The fringe. I love how the fringe drapes down on the sides. Such a beautiful detail for such a simple design. Check out the videos below for support if you have your pattern and are ready to make your own Hadley pillow, too.  

The Hadley pillow is a modern, boho style pillow cushion with an oblong rectangle shape and fringe detail. Perfect pillow to accent your home decor and easily adds texture to your space.