Although hair ties are essential year-round, they are often a staple for warmer months. Next time you need to pull your hair up, why not style it with a cute, handmade, easy-to-crochet DIY hair tie scarf? Try the pattern below and work some up for you, family members, and friends (they make beautiful gifts). 

Method: crochet 

Skill Level: easy 

Hook: 5.50mm

Yarn: worsted weight 4 medium

Note: Photos show the hair tie worked up using a 5.50mm hook with a worsted weight 4 medium cotton yarn, but you can really use any lightweight yarn you have. It's perfect for using up any left over yarn from other projects. You may want to change hook size according to your chosen yarn + final measurements will vary according to your chosen yarn as well. 


ch = chain

sc = single crochet

sc2tog = single crochet two stitches together

sts = stitches

Stitch Support:

How To: Slip Knot and Chain

How To: Single Crochet

How To: Slip Knot, Chain, Single Crochet (Left Handed)

How To: Single Crochet Two Stitches Together 

How To: Fasten Off + Weave In Ends



ch 81 hair tie is worked in rows 

sc into 2nd chain from hook and continue sc for row 1 (80 sts)

ch 1 and turn

(continue to ch 1 and turn when beginning each row throughout project)


row 2: sc2tog, sc 76, sc2tog (78 sts)

row 3: sc2tog, sc 74, sc2tog (76 sts)

row 4: sc2tog, sc 72, sc2tog (74 sts)

row 5: sc2tog, sc 70, sc2tog (72 sts)

row 6: sc2tog, sc 68, sc2tog (70 sts)

row 7: sc2tog, sc 66, sc2tog (68 sts)

row 8: sc2tog, sc 64, sc2tog (66 sts) 


fasten off + weave in ends